Hello, I’m Krissy

I am a South Florida native, however, I am glad to have called Tennessee my home since 2005. My husband and I, along with our daughter Luna, live in the hills of North Gallatin where we strive to connect with nature and live a natural based, holistic lifestyle.


I would have to say that my doula journey began as most, with the pregnancy of my first child. After finding out that I was to grow, birth and nurture a live human being,  I couldn’t help but to dive into the birth community head first. I read books upon books, attended birth classes, spoke with various different birth professionals and made sure to interview and hire the perfect birth team.

Our beautiful, contagious and adventurous little girl was born within the comforts of our country home on a cool summer night in 2016. My birth was everything I hoped and dreamed for, and I greatly attribute that to my birth team; my husband, my midwife and my doula.

My birth was raw, it was real and it was empowering. I felt safe and secure. I was taken care of and supported throughout my entire pregnancy and through all 17 hours of labor. Never once did I feel ridiculed, irrelevant or alone. I was provided with evidence based information and was left to make my own choices based upon what I felt most comfortable with. In my first weeks of motherhood, when I was feeling weak and scared, my birth team was there to uplift and encourage me. They were there as a listening ear, someone I could call in the middle of the night with questions and not feel ashamed or judged.

It was only after having my experience, and listening to others experiences that I found many women telling me they wished they had more support, or they didn’t know this or that, or they would have done something differently.  I was sad to hear that they were dissatisfied with their birthing experience. I knew that I had to do something. And that something was to be that someone. I decided to retire my real estate license and focus my time on helping families achieve their pregnancy and birth desires. My goal for each family is to be informed about their different options, while feeling supported from pregnancy, to labor, to birth and beyond. My hopes through acquiring my doula certification is to enable more women to walk away from their birth with a positive, empowering experience.