A sibling support doula is on call for your birth in the same way a birth doula is. I will come to your home, hospital or birth center and offer complete support and assistance with your older children. A sibling doula can answer questions about the birth process so your children can have a clear understanding while feeling safe and supported. I provide distractions when your child may need a break, I can assist in meal preparation and eating times as well as accommodate bed times and sleep schedules. Should you want sibling integration with your labor, I will do my best in including your children in a helpful and meaningful way.

Prior to your birth, I will come to your home to discuss your birth plan and
learn about your children’s personalities and your parenting philosophies. With your children, we can go over what labor and birth can look like and the journey the baby makes to being born. We can learn about the sounds mom may make in labor, as well as the smell and sights that can occur. This can better help your older children understand and feel connected to the birth process.


  • FREE initial consultation to meet & determine if I am a good match for your family
  • 1 prenatal appointment in your home to meet your family and discuss your birth plan and how it relates to the needs of your children
  • 24/7 on call availability for your birth from 37 weeks – 42 week
  • Sibling support from the time you call me until my service is no longer needed.
  • Back up doula who shares similar personality and sibling support styles available to you in the rare event I cannot make it to your birth