“This was my first birth and I debated if I should hire a doula or not. I couldn’t decide if it would be worth the money because I have a really involved supportive husband. But after all was said and done Krissy was hands down one of the BEST investments that made my birth possible. My husband and I could not have had the birth we had without her. Krissy played a massive role in the comfort and emotional support of my labor and delivery. My husband spent all of active labor counter pressuring my hips while Krissy all of my labor massaging my upper back, filling my pool with fresh hot water, making sure my husband was comfortable, putting cold rags on me , and acted as my breathing/support coach. She was definitely a rock and source of strength when labor got hard. I never had to tell Krissy what to do , she saw the need and she got it done. I felt so taken care of and loved by her. Trust me when I say – you NEED Krissy at your birth.”  – Katelyn

“I chose Krissy as my doula for the birth of my son and I am so glad I did! She was helpful, knowledgeable, and always readily available for all my questions and concerns before, during, and after birth. My labor progressed quickly and she met us at the hospital ready to go! She was great with the hospital staff. She kept me focused for my epidural free birth-she believed in me when I didn’t. Not only that, after delivery she brought out snacks to help replenish. I was so grateful she was there! If you’re on the fence about hiring a doula…just hire Krissy! You won’t be sorry!” – Erika

“I had the wonderful pleasure of renting one of Krissy’s birth pools. It was last minute, but she was so accommodating and helpful! The tub itself was SO spacious and easy to use! I would definitely recommend making the investment and renting a pool from Krissy! She was so great to do business with and is truly passionate about her work!” – Reba

“Krissy has such a kind heart, and beautiful soul. When it was go time and labor was in full force she went into the most perfect nurturing mode ever. I always felt supported and loved through my labor and entire pregnancy. She was always so helpful and reassuring especially once 40 weeks had arrived and baby boy still hadn’t made his arrival. Delivery day she worked side by side with my husband and the two of them provided amazing care. She was truly a gem, an amazing doula and a fantastic friendship formed from our 9 months journey through my 3rd pregnancy that was an HBAC. Krissy is a phenomenal doula who is very knowledgeable in her profession. She is your girl.”- Kayla

“Krissy was such a wonderful doula! My labor was fast and furious and she brought a calm and reassuring presence while assisting with counter pressure, breathing, etc. If you’re considering adding a doula to your birth team, don’t hesitate and contact Krissy!” – Julie

“I’m a midwife and have worked in the birth community for over a decade. I have witnessed Krissy’s work first hand and I would not hesitate to refer her to any of my clients looking for professional labor support. She is smart, attentive, reliable and very skilled at her craft!” – Gaylea

“We took the Roots childbirth classes with Krissy, and she was excellent. She came across incredibly knowledgeable about all things birth-related, and we were impressed with the content of the course. It covers everything you could want: leading up to birth, the different stages of labor, delivery, post partum, even breastfeeding and baby-wearing (plus a whole lot more!). Krissy did a great job explaining everything, pulling from her own and other folks’ experiences. Highly recommend! “– Lynelle & Johnny

“Krissy was an amazing doula. She was there throughout my entire pregnancy and always there for me. Whether it was checking in with me on a regular basis, our prenatal visit, or just being an ear to listen to my thoughts and feelings, she was there 100% of the way. The birth of my son turned out differently than I had imagined with being induced at 42 weeks at a hospital instead of having him at the birth center where we planned. Krissy was supportive of our decision to induce and listened to my fears and worries about still having the natural labor that I wanted. From the moment she showed up to the hospital to the moment she left, she was nothing but supportive and loving towards me and my husband. She made sure I had anything I needed and helped to make the environment as comfortable as possible (since we were in a hospital) she was beside me every step of the way. My husband and I will forever be grateful to Krissy for being there for us. She helped me through the hardest, but most rewarding, thing I’ve ever accomplished in my life. We love you Krissy!” – Jessica & Darrel

“My wife and I decided to have our daughter outside of a hospital setting and chose Krissy as our doula. She made sure that Kim and I had all of the information that we needed going in. She even went with us to several appointments at Baby and Co. where we gave birth. On the day our daughter was born we had literally had no sleep the night before. Just as I was beginning to fade Krissy stepped right in and took care of my needs as well as those of my wife. I could not imagine doing that without her. She was our rock and will forever be part of one of the most memorable moments of our lives. Thanks Krissy!” – Ryan

“…. I had a hard doctors visit today, called her and I feel 110% better! Not only was she knowledgeable but she was empathic. She wasn’t scared to tell me something that isn’t ideal to hear because it was the facts and truth about pregnancy! She also put herself in my shoes and got to know me as a person and how that may affect each situation, she was so understanding and took the time to hear me! I can confidentially say she will not disappoint you nor will she steer you in the wrong direction!” – Kirsten

“Krissy was my doula and by far exceeded my expectations! I felt like she put in as much work as I did! She anticipated my every need, from feeding me water through a straw, to rubbing my back with lots of pressure. She encouraged me and loved on me. I’m so thankful I had her there at my house. I’m not sure I could have done it without her! If you’re in the market for a wonderful, loving, caring, and knowledgeable doula then look no further, you have found your girl! I highly recommend Krissy and I will be using her again for my next birth!” – Brooke

“….She is so sweet, friendly, very positive and incredibly knowledgeable. She gives me so much information about options and just things your drs probably won’t suggest. The girl has done her research and I really trust her. Anyone would be lucky to have her by their side on the most important day of their lives.” – Aliza

“Krissy is beyond amazing. She’s so down to earth and genuinely kind. If we have another baby, we will for sure have Krissy as our doula. She radiates the best energy in every situation.” – Christi