A postpartum doula works with families in the postpartum period (after birth) providing them with emotional, physical and informational support.

Postpartum care is not a luxury. It is a need that every mother and her family deserves to receive. The immediate postpartum is considered to be the 4th trimester, also known in the Ayurvedic traditions of India as the sacred window of opportunity. It is said that if a woman receives proper nourishment, extended rest and mother loving care for the first 42 days after her birth, it will positively affect and strengthen her health, wellbeing and vitality for the next 42 years.

We will work together to develop a postpartum plan unique to you and the 5 universal postpartum needs; Extended Rest, Nourishing Foods, Loving Touch, Companionship and Contact with Nature.


  • FREE initial consultation to meet & determine if we are a good match.
  • 24/7 text, phone & email support from date of hire through birth & postpartum.
  • 1 prenatal appointment in your home to review your postpartum plan & organize your thoughts about what is important to you and what role you would like me to take in supporting you & your family.
  • Day time in-home support which can include; physical & emotional mothering support, infant care, breastfeeding/bottle feeding support, sibling support, babywearing, in home meal preparation & light house chores.
  • Behind the scenes support which can include; meal preparation, herbal preparations & grocery shopping/errands.
  • Nourishing foods and herbal beverages are a huge part of my care. The foods I prepare and bring at each in home visit will be organic, nutrient dense, easy to digest and will incorporate warming herbs and blends to promote healing and vitality.
  • Plant allies to aid in the common physical and emotional discomforts of the postpartum time.
  • Traditions and practices we can explore; Sitz baths, belly binding, vaginal steaming, yoga & meditation.