A birth doula’s role is to provide physical and emotional support that will allow you and your family to become stronger as a whole during pregnancy, birth and beyond. I will provide to you evidenced based information to help you make your own decisions. A doula’s ability to help a mother feel calm, confident, reassured and in control of her birthing experience enables a more positive birth overall. It creates a birth that is inspiring and helps a woman tune into her instincts and feel confident during the birthing process.

A doula is not only there for the birthing woman but also for her partner. She is not there to replace but rather assist and can help relieve them of the full responsibility of the woman. My goal is to provide a presence that allows your partner to rest, take bathroom breaks and refuel without ever leaving you alone. Many partners have fears or concerns about a mother going through this birthing experience and I will be there to help make suggestions, address those fears and concerns and continue to reassure and keep you and your partner calm during the birth.


  • FREE initial consultation to meet & determine if we are a good match
  • 24/7 text, phone & email support from date of hire through birth & postpartum
  • 1-2 prenatal appointments in your home to discuss the birth process and your birth and labor desires
  • 24/7 on call availability for your birth from 37 weeks – 42 week
  • In person professional support from active labor, through delivery and into your immediate postpartum period
  • Back up doula who shares a similar personality and birth philosophies available to you in the rare event I cannot make it to your birth.