Hydrotherapy is commonly used as a comfort measure during labor and delivery. It has been found that women who used hydrotherapy during labor were less likely to need epidurals or spinals for pain relief and reported reduced anxiety. Some women may also want to deliver their baby in the water. Research has found that people who chose to deliver in the water reported less pain during pushing and mothers were more satisfied with their pain relief after a waterbirth compared to a land birth.

KW Birth Services offers the La Bassine Maxi Pro Birth Tub.
“Combining style, comfort and privacy with optimum practicality, it has become the best selling birthing pool worldwide. La Bassine is recommended all over the world by hospitals, midwives and doulas for its practical features, lead, cadmium and phthalates free material, and above all its unique cocoon like design.” 

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  • NEW & UNOPENED Professional Pool Liner
  • NEW & UNOPENED 25ft Eco Hose – Free of Lead & BPA (Yours to keep!)
  • Electric Air Pump for Inflating & Deflating
  • Submersible Water Pump with 45ft Hose for Draining
  • Protective Floor Tarp
  • Debris Net
  • Floating Water Thermometer
  • Delivery to your home by 37 weeks
  • Pickup at your home within 1 week after birth